Garbutt tops midweek match

WHITBY Sea Anglers’ three-hour match on Wednesday night was looking promising with a good easterly swell and south by south west winds.

Low water was at 2226 hrs with a height of 1.0m so popular spots drained off quickly but suffered from surges as the tide was about to turn.

Fifteen anglers were at the scales with 35 fish for a total weight of 64lb 6oz. The heaviest bag of the night went to Matthew Garbutt with 11lb 3oz while Martin Lamb caught the heaviest fish, 5lb 9oz.

The preliminary round of the doubles knockouts saw D Perrett and M Bowman with 2lb 9oz, beaten by W Atkinson and J Verrill with 7lb 12oz.

Results: 1 M Garbutt with 4 fish for 11 lb 3/16oz, 2 B Laws with 4 fish for 10 lb 12/16oz, 3 M Lamb with 3 fish for 6 lb 7/16oz, 4 P Short with 2 fish for 4 lb 15/16oz, 5 C Stainthorpe with 2 fish for 4 lb 9/16oz, 6th R Allison with 3 fish for 4 lb 6/16oz, 7th J Verrill with 3 fish for 4 lb 2/16oz, 8th = W Atkinson with 4 fish for 3 lb 10/16oz, A Cass with 1 fish for 3 lb 10/16oz, 10 M Beedle with 2 fish for 3 lb 9/16oz, 11 D Thompson with 3 fish for 2 lb 1/16oz, 12 P Garbutt with 1 fish for 1 lb 12/16oz, 13th D Perrett with 1 fish for 1 lb 6/16oz, 14th M Bowman with 1 fish for 1 lb 3/16oz, 15 N Inglis with 1 fish for 13/16oz.