Garbutt top Whitby angler for fourth year running

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Matthew Garbutt was crowned Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association’s club champion for a fourth year in a row.

He returned three codlings for 6 lb including a heaviest fish of 2 lb 5 oz in the group’s final match of the season on Sunday night.

This in itself was Matthew’s 10th match win, giving him an impressive lead of 43 lb over second place Rob Allison who weighed a wrasse of 2 lb 3 oz.

Rich Cope was the only other member to weigh-in, with a pollock 1 lb 06 oz, securing seventh place from Dave Perrett by 1 lb 10 oz.

On the first day of British summertime, it felt more akin to deep winter, with a bitterly cold 20mph offshore wind with strong gusts.

Sea state was crystal clear with a slight close to shore north westerly swell. Prior to the sun setting an hour later, a storm brought hail and heavy rain, passing first over Sandsend and heading towards Whitby, making the conditions even more uncomfortable as members fished over low water.

Once past, the skies were clear, temperature dropped further and it was felt to have been one of the coldest nights of the season.

Thirteen members were fishing, but fish were scarce as many members reported not having a bite all night.

Billets (4”) were the only fish caught on the sand. Some members had travelled to Marine Drive, Scarborough and were rewarded for their efforts with the only weigh-ins.

March’s monthly sweeps were won by Paul Kilpatrick with a heaviest bag of 16 lb 7 oz and heaviest fish of 5 lb 12 oz, both on Sunday March 22.

March’s total catch was 72 codlings, 6 whitings, 5 rocklings, 3 flat fish, 1 lesser spotted dogfish, 1 wrasse and 1 pollock, 167 lb 1 oz.

The season’s weight of 2,266 lb 9 oz, down 787 lb on last season is the second best weigh-in for 12 years.

In the 2002-2003 season, 2,242 lb was achieved (with five more members).

All in all, a good close run season for members.

Saturday April 18 is presentation night and members are reminded of the dress code of shirt and tie.

Results, Sunday

Three codlings, a wrasse and a pollock for 9 lb 9 oz. 1 M Garbutt with 3 codlings (HF 2 lb 05 oz) 6 lb, 2 R Allison 1 wrasse for 2 lb 3 oz, 3 R Cope 1 pollock for 1 lb 6 oz.

Leader board, Final top 10

1 M Garbutt 134 fish for 269 lb 12/16 oz, 2 R Allison 117 fish for 226 lb 5/16 oz, 3 C Stainthorpe 88 fish for 209 lb 13/16 oz, 4 B Laws 105 fish for 184 lb 11/16 oz, 5 P Short 113 fish for 178 lb 13/16 oz, 6 A Cass 68 fish for 168 lb 13/16 oz, 7 R Cope 77 fish for 159 lb 14/16 oz, 8 D Perrett 78 fish for 158 lb 4/16 oz, 9 P Kilpatrick 49 fish for 98 lb 3/16 oz, 10 D Thompson 50 fish for 94 lb 15/16 oz.

The penultimate match of the 2014-2015 season last Wednesday night was fished up and over high water.

The wind was in general not felt until the end of the match as members chased a fast ebbing tide and left the shelter of the land mass.

Members reported it was an extremely cold night’s fishing, and the hot soup provided by Paula Pitman after the weigh-in at The Fleece was most welcome.

Twelve members were spread far and wide for the scratching match and small fish bites nee bait robbers were reported.

Catch expectancy was low due to the poor conditions but local beaches were a favourite for some as there had been a few codlings of late, and reports of the odd bass too.

Using light line, small baits of fresh lug worm clipped down for distance.

James Moore caught an undersized bass early on in the match (after he had caught an undersized flat fish first cast), just after high water as the ebb took hold, and later rewarded with a small codling 1 lb 13 oz.

For the second match in a row Paul Kilpatrick claimed man of the match, landing two codlings for 4 lb 5 oz, his heaviest fish being 2 lb 6 oz.

This was enough to extend the gap between himself and Denis Thompson to 3 lb 4 oz for ninth place.

Last to the scales, Denis Thompson weighed the heaviest fish of the night, a codling of 3 lb 6 oz.

Rich Cope and Dave Perrett continue to jostle for seventh place, and Rich now leads David by a slim margin of 4 oz.

For March, Paul Kilpatrick leads with 24 lb 8 oz bolstered by the previous Sunday’s match-winning bag of 16 lb 7 oz.

Results, last Wednesday:

Seven fish for 13 lb

1 P Kilpatrick 2 codlings for 4 lb 5 oz, 2 D Thompson 1 codling for (HF) 3 lb 6 oz, 3 R Cope 2 codlings for 2 lb 15 oz, 4 J Moore 1 codling for 1 lb 13 oz, 5 M Garbutt with 1 rockling 9 oz.