Garbutt stretches lead at top

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WEDNESDAY’S night’s three-hour match finished 16 minutes before low water 2216 hrs 0.6m and with a high pressure of 1030mm on the barometer, it was more like a summer’s evening.

A gentle southerly wind and with flat calm sea conditions, anglers were forced to try to find somewhere with some tidal flow resorting to scratching for whatever was available.

Ten anglers were at the scales with 26 fish for 18lb 8oz.

Matthew Garbutt was man of the match with a mixed bag of fish, a lesser spotted dog fish, a bull head, a whiting and some flatties, in total six fish for 4lb 11oz.

Due to prior commitments only one of the four doubles matches was fished. M Beedle and N Inglis (1lb 7oz) were beaten by M Garbutt and J Gilpin (5lb 6oz).

Results: 1 M Garbutt with six fish for 4lb 11/16oz, 2 D Perrett with five fish for 3lb 11/16oz, 3 S Moore with four fish for 3lb 3/16oz, 4 W Atkinson with two fish for 1lb 8/16oz, 5 N Inglis with three fish for 1lb 7/16oz, 6 M Lamb with 1 fish for 1lb 5/16oz, 7 B Laws with 1 fish for 15/16oz, 8 P Horbury with 1 fish for 12/16oz, 9 J Gilpin with two fish for 11/16oz, 10 A Cass with 1 fish for 5/16oz. Garbutt extended his lead at the top of the leaderboard to 38lb 13oz.