Garbutt packs bags for December’s finest

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WEDNESDAY night’s three-hour match started an hour after high water.

With strong westerly winds and a flat calm sea, anglers had to take the initiative and travel further afield to be competative.

Whiting being the fish of choice, M Garbutt had 23 for 17 lb 08 oz, making that the heaviest bag of fish so for the month of December.

Eleven anglers were at the scales with 105 fish weighed in for 84 lb 15 oz.

Results: 1 M Garbutt with 23 fish for 17 lb 8/16oz, 2 P Garbutt with 18 fish for 14 lb 3/16oz, 3 M Lamb with 15 fish for 13 lb 5/16oz, 4 B Laws with 14 fish for 10 lb, 5 P Horbury with 10 fish for 8 lb 3/16oz, 6 A Cass with 10 fish for 7 lb 9/16oz, 7 D Perrett with 8 fish for 5 lb 14/16oz, 8 N Inglis with 3 fish for 2 lb 12/16oz, 9 D Hambley with 1 fish for 2 lb 9/16oz, 10 C Stainthorpe with 2 fish for 1 lb 15/16oz, 11th R Allison with 1 fish for 1 lb 1/16oz.