Garbutt impresses in Sunday fishing match

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SUNDAY night’s four-hour Whitby Sea Anglers’ match looked promising with long distant north westerly swells and a gentle westerly wind.

Low water was at 2241 hrs on a 1.1m, so for the entire match, the tide was ebbing.

However, many anglers were reporting a surging tide which spoilt many locations. But Matthew Garbutt not only found the heaviest fish of the night at 7lb 4oz but an impressive bag of fish for 13 lb 14 oz. Nine anglers were at the scales with 22 fish for 28 lb 08 oz.

Results: 1 M Garbutt with 6 fish for 13 lb 14/16oz, 2 A Cass with 2 fish for 3 lb 9/16oz, 3 N Inglis with 2 fish for 2 lb 15/16oz, 4 D Perrett with 4 fish for 2 lb 8/16oz, 5 M Lamb with 3 fish for 2 lb 3/16oz, 6 P Kilpatrick with 2 fish for 1 lb 6/16oz, 7 C Stainthorpe with 1 fish for 1 lb 00 oz,

8 J Gilpin with 1 fish for 10/16oz, 9 J Verrill with 1 fish for 7/16oz.

In the singles, P Kilpatrick beat M Beedle and the quarter-finals are on Wednesday 21 December.

Sunday’s match on 18 Dec is the Christmas match.