Freezing waters scare the fish away

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WEDNESDAY night’s angling was very trying, due to temperature dipping to -2C and the scarcity of the fish.

An ebbing tide, with low water at 2246 hrs, 0.6m, a little easterly swell meant crystal clear water and a with chilly southerly breeze.

Anglers had to travel to be competitive with local venues just not producing any fish.

Out of 12 anglers who fished only four were at the scales with 18 whiting for 13 lb 05 oz.

Results: 1 M Garbutt with 4 fish for 3 lb 12/16oz, 2 D Perrett with 5 fish for 3 lb 8/16oz, 3 P Garbutt with 5 fish for 3 lb 7/16oz, 4 P Horbury with 4 fish for 2 lb 10/16oz.

In the leader board, the top 10 looks like this, P Garbutt is catching N Inglis, D Perrett has pushed ahead of A Cass and P Horbury is catching W Atkinson.

Leaderboard: 1 M Garbutt with 161 fish for 199 lb 6/16oz, difference 1st to 2nd etc, 2 N Inglis with 118 fish for 132 lb 12/16oz 66 lb 10/16oz, 3 P Garbutt with 118 fish for 129 lb 6/16oz 3 lb 6/16oz, 4 M Lamb with 100 fish for 118 lb 10/16oz 10 lb 12/16oz, 5 B Laws with 92 fish for 115 lb 7/16oz 3 lb 3/16oz, 6 D Perrett with 109 fish for 104 lb 5/16oz 11 lb 2/16oz, 7 A Cass with 89 fish for 100 lb 5/16oz 4 lb 00 oz, 8 R Allison with 72 fish for 94 lb 1/16oz 6 lb 4/16oz, 9 W Atkinson with 74 fish for 68 lb 9/16oz 25 lb 8/16oz, 10 P Horbury with 71 fish for 67 lb 13/16oz 12/16oz.

* Sunday night’s 4 hr match had its own draw backs weather-wise.

The forecasted heavy snow fall just did not materialise. The snow was melting as fast as it had fallen and the warm breeze during the afternoon was stopped as soon as night fell and so did the temperature.

On a clear cloudless night, a bright full moon, crystal clear water, very little easterly swell and a gentle south westerly breeze, prospects of a bag of fish were very optimistic.

To the north one could see the flickering red dome of light from Teessides industries and out at sea to the east, there was a storm brewing with a fine display of lightning. Low water was at 2043 hrs, 1.6m.

Some anglers elected to stay at home but its the die hards who stick at it and pick up an odd fish or two, nibbling away at the weights of those in front.

Only three anglers were at the scales with 6 fish for 5 lb 05 oz.

Results: 1 A Cass with 3 whiting for 2 lb 4/16oz, 2 R Allison with 1 codling for 1 lb 9/16oz, 3 P Horbury with 2 dabs for 1 lb 8/16oz.