Fishermen’s opens doors on Monday

Whitby Regatta 2013 - Monday''w133310m
Whitby Regatta 2013 - Monday''w133310m

Whitby Fishermen’s Rowing Club will be opening its doors on Monday at 6pm.

The out of season months has seen members maintaining boats and equipment in advance of the new season along with maintenance of the club house.

Captain Alan Brown said thanks were due to those who carry out this very important work.

The club attended the open day at Whitby Leisure Centre in October along with other sports clubs from our area. The gig Louise L had been transported to the centre for the event.

“Members of the public were encouraged to gets hands on with the gig and oars ‘although not in water’ by sitting in the gig and going through the motions of rowing, “ said Alan.

“This was well received by those who tried it.”

Along with Louise L, two rowing machines also proved popular mainly with the younger people.

They had to row as fast and as far as possible in a given time, all trying to outdo the last best time in a day which the club hailed as a success.

Rowers have been training in the club house over the past month in preparation for the season’s start, on rowing machines, stepper, free weights and bikes.

More equipment has been donated by members.

The club is still looking for premises to store boats and equipment, as room in the boat house is an issue due to the increase in boats and equipment.

Several different events are been planned within the season in an effort to encourage past and new rowers to take up the sport, be it for pleasure or full on competition rowing.

The club will be open to late September to allow training for the Great London River Race held on the September 27.

This will be Friendship’s 26th year of racing on the Thames. The first race of the season will be The Abbey Gift Races on May 11.