Fish numbers down in contrast to icy 2010

Wednesday night’s three-hour Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association match started half an hour before a high water of 5.3m, flat calm and a howling south south westerly wind.

The majority of the conditions throughout November have been southerly winds and flat calm conditions with anglers struggling to find fish.

Wednesday night was no exception with anglers travelling to Redcar looking for whiting and to Bempton after a codling or lesser spotted dog fish. Despite the conditions there was a good turnout of anglers, with only four failing to weigh in.

Ben Laws was man of the match with 11 whiting for 8 lb 10 oz. Eleven anglers weighed in 31 fish for 27 lb 05 oz.

Results: 1 B Laws with 11 fish for 8 lb 10/16oz, 2 M Lamb with 7 fish for 5 lb 3/16oz, 3 W Atkinson with 2 fish for 2 lb, 4= N Inglis with 2 fish for 1 lb 15/16oz, D Hambley with 1 fish for 1 lb 15/16oz, 6 P Short with 1 fish for 1 lb 12/16oz, 7 M Garbutt with 2 fish for 1 lb 11/16oz, 8 D Perrett with 2 fish for 1 lb 10/16oz, 9 P Garbutt with 1 fish for 1 lb 3/16oz, 10th P Horbury with 1 fish for 1 lb, 11 M Bowman with 1 fish for 6/16oz.

This concludes November’s fishing and in comparison with 2010 where 640lb of fish were weighed in, only 314 lbs 8 oz have been weighed in, in 2011.

In the singles’ knockout M Lamb beat W Atkinson and N Inglis beat M Garbutt.