First grading of year for Shotokan students

Whitby Shotokan Karate Club students demonstrate their skills
Whitby Shotokan Karate Club students demonstrate their skills
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AT the end of the first term, Whitby Shotokan Karate Club held its first grading for 2012 at Airy Hill School with students ranging from novice to senior purple and white belts.

The examining panel consisted of six senior black belt instructors, Senseis Mike Howard 4th dan, Jim White 3rd dan, Chris Watmouth 2nd dan, Daniel Howard 1st dan, Sallyann Smith 1st dan and Ian Henderson 1st dan.

The students had to perform all the basic karate skills from simple punching and blocking techniques to the more technical applications of Kihon Kata (basic forms), Heian Kata (more advanced forms) and advanced fighting techniques.

Each grading at junior level wins the student a coloured tag on the white belt until three tags are achieved before they progress to the first coloured belt (orange) then two tags from orange to red belt.

The next stage of progress will take students on to yellow belt followed by green belt then there are two purple belts followed by three brown belts which lead on to the first black belt (dan ) or master grade.

The standard of the gradings again in the Whitby club were magnificent and all students performed to the satisfaction of the examination panel. The following students gained their awards: from novice to 1st Mon (white belt + 1 yellow tag) Abbie Taylor, Aidan Marsay. Hannah Hogarth, Harry Boocock, Jake Wadley, Josie Middlemass, Katie Hogarth and Oliver Locker; from 1st Mon to 2nd Mon (white belt): Alex Nicolls, Alfie Barber, Amy Ward, Ebony Allison, Janis Draper, Joshua Davies, Joshua Tinkler, Owen Ellwood, Sam Reynoolds and Sonny McDermott; from 2nd Mon to 3rd Mon (white belt) Beth Mortimer, Daisy Stokoe, Eve Mortimer, George Peirson and Joseph Peirson; from 3rd Mon (white belt) to 4th Mon (orange belt) Charlotte Kerr, Evie Hartley Tull, Harry Foster, Lewis Brown and Oliver Gower; from 4th Mon (orange belt) to 5th Mon (orange belt + 3 tags) Mae Knight; from 6th Mon (orange belt + 3) to (Red Belt) Billy Fewster, Evan Walker, Rosie Hutt and Tom Rodwell.

Ben Locker, Alex Crank and Josh Winter gained their second red belt, Reece Doudican gained his yellow belt. Elliott Hewison was promoted to his first purple belt.

Kate Ward in her first grading was promoted to orange belt and Simon Abbott moved from purple belt to purple/white (4th Kyu).

Chief Instructor Sensei Mike Howard (4th dan black belt) congratulated all the junior students whose ages range from five years upward.

He said students can go anywhere in the world to train in shotokan karate because the Japanese language is the international language of karate. Sensei Mike Howard said the standard of the students reflected the standard of the instructors which in this club is second to none.

He congratulated Sensei Jim White 3rd Dan and Sensei Dan Howard 1st dan for the success of the coloured belt classes and Sensei Chris Watmouth 2nd Dan and Ian Henderson 1st dan for their success with the novice and white belt classes

The club trains on Mondays and Thursday at Airy Hill Primary School - novices 5.30-6.30pm; intermediate 6.30-7.30pm and advanced 7.30-9pm.

Anyone interested in learning the martial skills of Shotokan Karate or self defence contact Mike Howard on (01947) 604861, Jim White 820378 and Chris Watmough 821579.