First grading for Danby Shotokan Karate Club

Danby Shotokan Karate Club students
Danby Shotokan Karate Club students

The Danby Shotokan Karate Club held its first junior grading in its training Dojo at Danby Village hall.

Three black belt instructors, Sensei Mike Howard 4th Dan, Sensei Jim White 3rd Dan and Sensei Dan Howard 1st Dan from the Whitby Shotokan, were invited to form the grading panel.

The session started with warm-up exercises conducted by Nikita Smith 1st Kyu which lasted about 15 minutes.

Sensei Howard began the grading while Sensei White lined the students in groups of four on the Dojo floor.

Each student had to perform (Tsuki Waza) punching techniques with the first basic karate punch (OI-zuki) stepping punch.

They then were tested on the basic blocking techniques (UKU-Waza) using the first four basic blocks (GEDAN BARRAI) downward block, (AGU-uke) rising block.(UCHI-uke) inside block, (SOTO-uke) outside block.

This is the first grading for junior karate trainees and each student performed remarkably well.

All 13 students were successfully graded to 1st Mon and were awarded their first yellow tag.

Sensei Howard praised the students for their good etiquette and thanked instructor, Sensei Sallyanne Smith for keeping up the high Shotokan standard, he told the students the first grading is always nerve-racking but they have now passed that hurdle.

Sensei White told the students that a black belt in karate is a white belt who never gave up and that there is a black belt for everyone - it only takes time and dedication.

Sensei Sallyann thanked the students for their hard work and the parents for encouraging their children.

A short karate demonstration was given by Sensei Howard who demonstrated the first basic KATA to the children followed by a rapid black belt kata ( NIJU SHIHO)

Sensei Howard and Nikita Smith did a short demonstration of simple combat techniques.The successful students were Ruby Cameron, Ellie Craven, Niamh Elliott, Tala-Hicks Elliott, Anna Featherstone, Rosie Hodgson, Aaron Lees, Megan Lees, Zak Lloyd, Alexander Peacock, Ben Peacock, Drew Smith and Ben Peirson.

Danby Shotokan Karate Club is registered with the Independent Federation of Martial Arts. Sensei Smith is a qualified black belt sensei and registered with the federation.

The club trains at Danby Village Hall, Tuesdays, 6-7pm.

For further information call Sallyann on (01287) 660328 or email