Esk Valley clinch title with three games left

Round 17

With their victory over the unlucky Castle Park, Esk Valley clinched the A League title with three matches still to be shot.

Had Castle Park been shooting against any other team, they would have recorded their second win of the season.

In B League, Watkinsons virtually secured the title by beating title holders Patch but needed to record their best score of the season to do it.

The turning point in the match came when the consistent Jeff Kenworthy returned a 98, his best score in the 17 rounds shot so far.

Results, A League

Esk Valley 386 C Williamson 98 R Melling 98 N Scarth 96 J Hay 94 beat Castle Park 383 A Eddon 97 R Oliver 96 C Moore 96 M Dossor 94.

Phoenix 375 M Marsay 96 S Darrington 95 N Collinson 92 P Hurworth 92 beat Country Lads 358 D Atkinson 98 M Atkinson 96 T Edwards 92 P Turford 72

Whitehall 377 S Baker 98 T Coates 96 D Lawrence 92 M Ware 89 beat Average 375.5.

Results, B League

Watkinsons 377 J Kenworthy 98 I Addams 94 J Headley 93 M Troughton 92 beat Patch 374 C Rutland 96 I Harrison 94 J Wood 93 P ERutland 91

Firemen 361 P Cattermole 94 B Gibbons 90 H Russell 89 M Holmes 88 beat Endeavour 345 E Shimmin 91 M Bennett 90 R Franks 88 D Jackson.