Easterly seas hamper Whitby anglers

WHITBY Sea Anglers experienced easterly seas on Wednesday (1 Feb) - never a good sign as it may stir up the feeding grounds but never seems to produce many fish.

With a flooding, slack tide, east south east winds, the three-hour match finished shortly before high water 4.2m.

Fourteen anglers fished and only four managed to weigh in, with four fish for 4 lb 08 oz.

Wednesday 18 January was the last poor weigh in (10 lb 01 oz, 14 fish) and hopefully things will improve with this cold spell.

Result: 1 A Cass with 1 codling for 1 lb 9/16oz, 2 P Horbury with 1 whiting for 1 lb 5/16oz, 3 P Garbutt with 1 whiting for 14/16oz, 4 W Atkinson with 1 whiting for 12/16oz.