Dani wins marathon of the north

Dani Braithwaite (right)
Dani Braithwaite (right)
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WHITBY Community College athlete Dani Braithwaite has shaken off a disappointing start to her cross-country season to prove her ability on the track in some recent events.

Despite her failure to qualify to run for Yorkshire in the UK inter-counties championships at Birmingham and North Yorkshire in the English Schools championships in Somerset, due to injury, 16-year-old Dani was given a second chance when given discretionary places by the selectors from her past performances to make up the teams of eight.

Dani had great runs in both races, being 49th from 310 runners at Birmingham and first team counter for North Yorkshire while finishing 48th in Somerset.

These excellent performances led to Dani being chosen to represent Yorkshire and Humberside in the London Mini Marathon which is raced over the last three miles of the London Marathon.

A solid performance brought her in 25th position and second counter for the team being just seven seconds behind team -mate Fiona Bell of Hallamshire.

Last Sunday, 10 athletes from the north east were invited to take part in a one-mile race, sponsored by McCains, in Sunderland as part of the marathon of the north festival organised by former GB athlete Steve Cram.

Dani again showed great determination and held off the opposition with an excellent sprint finish to beat Chloe Price of Durham into first place. She is now looking to continue her success on the track throughout the summer.

Dani is a member of Loftus and Whitby Athletics Club, anyone interested in joining a session (young or old) contact Tony and Brenda Hare on (01287) 641116.