Danby karate students step up to make grade

Danby Shotokan Karate Club
Danby Shotokan Karate Club

Danby Shotokan Karate Club held a student grading in their training hall (Dojo) Danby Village hall.

Sensei Mike Howard 4th Dan and Sensei Jim White 3rd Dan from the Whitby Shotokan karate Club were invited to form a grading panel together, with Sensei Sallyann Smith 2nd Dan and Sensei Nikita Smith 1st Dan of the Danby Club.

The warm-up exercises for about 15 minutes were conducted by Nikita.

Sensei White called the students onto the floor starting from first grades and working upwards.

Alina Barber, Jack Cook, Hazel Martin, Olivier Peacock and Zoe Martin were first on the floor, they were instructed to perform the four basic blocking techniques while moving forward in a front karate stance, followed by the first basic karate punch.

This was done with the true karate spirit and all five students passed their first exam.

Sensei White then called four slightly more advanced students, Col Bucur, Poppy Elliott Josie Neff and Florence Day, onto the floor.

Each had to perform the basic blocks and basic punch but also the first front and sidekick techniques.

Col Bucur, Poppy Elliott and Josie Neff were awarded their third orange tags and Florence Day was awarded an orange belt.

Kacey Smith, Ben Peacock and Alex Peacock had to perform the more advanced Orange belt techniques of kata (moving karate forms) and five step sparring with partners, they were awarded their third tags.

Anna Featherstone, Aaron Lees and Megan Lees had to perform all the basics including blocking forward and backwards, kicking front and sideways sparring with partners five step and three step (which includes kicks) and finally Kata forme kihon (basic) and Heian Shodan 2nd basic.

Anna Featherstone, Aaron Lees and Megan Lees were each awarded with red belts.

Sensei Sallyann asked the students to give a vote of thanks to Sensei Howard and Sensei White for coming up from Whitby to do the gradings.

Sensei Howard said he was delighted the Danby Club was keeping up the high standard of karate.

Danby Shotokan Karate Club is registered with the Independent Federation of Martial Arts. Instructor Sensei Sallyann Smith is a qualified black belt sensei and registered with the federation.

The club trains at Danby Village Hall, Tuesdays 6 -7pm.

For further information call Sallyann (01287) 660328 or email N1Smt9@aol.com