‘Damning’ defeat can spur on young Maroons

Whitby U17s fall to defeat against Sheffield
Whitby U17s fall to defeat against Sheffield

WHITBY Rugby Club under 17s made the two-and-a-half hour trek to Sheffield this Sunday to contend in their third league match.

Both teams having lost at least one match the game was destined to be a highly contested one.

Whitby U17s fall to defeat against Sheffield

Whitby U17s fall to defeat against Sheffield

Grimont kicked the match off into a warm, windless afternoon and the Maroons followed in suit.

The opening 10 minutes were closely contested with neither team making any real headway.

Phenomenal tackling from Wilson kept any opposition breaks too short to cause any real damage.

However, Sheffield began to encroach on Whitby’s sterling defence and was soon making their way towards the tryline.

Soon a run by Sheffield wasn’t tackled soon enough and a rolling maul was formed. Before Whitby’s forwards could react Sheffield were steaming toward the line to clinch their first try of the match for 5–0.

Another hotly contested 10 minutes ensued with cracking runs from both the backs, primarily JJ Woods and Kaz and the forwards Brown and Welford making the most notable headway.

Despite so much ground and effort being eaten up a strategic kick from the opposition saw them back in our half before a clumsy penalty was converted to extend the home team’s lead to 8-0.

Whitby were starting to show the strain against well-drilled opposition.

Two quick tries followed before a stern talking to by coach Nick Bentley during half-time saw the Maroons heighten their game for the beginning of the second half.

A gritty contest fought mainly in the forwards had Whitby camped upon Sheffield’s 5m line for at least six minutes.

The Sheffield defence soon cracked and Ed Welford stormed over the line to get Whitby’s only try of the game.

However, Sheffield cranked up the pressure in return and Whitby were overwhelmed.

Try after try was scored as the Maroons, in a very out of character action, let their heads drop for the first time this season.

Pockets of play were still successful, for instance Reeves’ lighting run though at least three tackles in the centre of the pitch, but they were simply too few and far between to make a real impact.

A definite improvement is required and a stronger team ethos would not go amiss. The damning result will hopefully spur on the promising team to a win over next week’s league match against Sandal, at home.

Sheffield U17s 39 Whitby U17s 5