Cooks lead way in first race of year

Keen competition in the first Whitby frostbite race of the new year
Keen competition in the first Whitby frostbite race of the new year
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A DISAPPOINTING end to 2012 saw three races cancelled due to bad weather, so the lovely Sunday morning was welcome, despite having to get out of bed early.

Ten boats and crew were at the slipway for a 9am meet and 10am start.

There were seven Enterprises and a Laser from Whitby Yacht Club plus two visiting boats, a Topper and a Pico from Scaling Dam Sailing Club.

The race started in light shifting conditions, with no boat getting a really clear start.

Bill and Val Uppington in their Enterprise were the first to the upwind mark, followed by Andy Monaghan/Julie Harrison and Simon Cook sailing with his daughter Grace in another two Enterprises.

The other seven boats struggled to make the first mark, battling against the river current with little wind.

Two more Enterprises, crewed by Pete Jones / Helen Webster and Graham Johnson / Toni Winkcup slowly made the turn, but the other five boats were struggling even to get over the start line.

The five leading boats reached the lower harbour mark but then ‘parked’ mid-river, some even drifting backwards.

Simon and Grace Cook managed to keep their Enterprise moving and pulled out a lead over the other boats.

Luckily for the chasing pack, the wind filled in further up the course, allowing Nat Drake / Paul Linley and Keith Gowland / Nigel Jarvis in the two last Enterprises along with Dave Hopwood in a Laser to get around the first mark and try to catch up the leading boats. The two visitors had little luck with the wind and were forced to retire.

At the end of the first lap, Simon / Grace Cook had a good lead with Bill / Val Uppington second followed by Graham Johnson / Toni Winkcup in third.

This was the way the boats remained for the remainder of the race.

During the second lap, the wind filled in a little, but Pete Jones’ Enterprise sprung a leak, resulting in his boat filling with water.

Luckily for Pete and Helen they made the slipway before going under.

A great turnout and a good start to 2013. For more information, visit, email or call Graham Johnson on 07813 338153.

Results: 1 Simon Cook / Grace Cook: Enterprise, 2 Bill Uppington / Val Uppington: Enterprise, 3 Graham Johnson / Toni Winkcup: Enterprise, 4 Andy Monaghan / Julie Harrison: Enterprise, 5 Nathanial Drake / Paul Linley: Enterprise, 6 Dave Hopwood: Laser, 7 Keith Gowland / Nigel Jarvis: Enterprise. DNF / retired: Pete Jones / Helen Webster: Enterprise, Becca Clarkson: Topper, Kevin Hann: Pico.