Competition hotting up with eight matches left

WHITBY Sea Anglers’ four-hour match on Sunday started an hour after a 5.5m high water.

There was a long distance north easterly swell but a bitterly cold south easterly wind.

Six anglers weighed in for a total weight of 22 lb 12 oz.

Results, Sun 6 March: 1st Denis Thompson 3 codling for 7 lb 05 oz, 2nd Rob Allison 2 codling for 5 lb 15 oz, 3rd equal Brian Harland and Bernard Vasey 1 codling each for 2 lb 11 oz, 5th Matthew Garbutt 1 codling for 2 lb 07 oz, 6th Colin Stainthorpe 1 codling for 1 lb 11 oz.

Wednesday night’s three-hour match saw 16 anglers fishing the last two hours of ebb with very little swell.

With a high pressure of 1,042mm hanging over the UK and an easterly breeze saw many fishing marks drain off further than expected. But again, Rob Allison managed to find a codling.

Results: 1st Rob Allison with 1 codling for 2 lb 11 oz, 2nd Mike Vasey with 1 codling for 1 lb 07 oz, 3rd Denis Thompson with 1 Rockling for 0 lb 05 oz, total weigh-in 4 lb 07 oz.

With eight matches left, the positions of sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth are changing every match, with only trophies for the top eight.

Leaderboard: 1st D Thompson 160 lb 7 oz, 2nd B Harland 154 lb 13 oz, 3rd R Allison 144 lb 9 oz, 4th B Laws 123 lb 2 oz, 5th M Garbutt 116 lb 3 oz, 6th= C Stainthorpe 98 lb 3 oz, M Vasey 98 lb 3 oz, 8th D Perrett 97 lb 2 oz, 9th A Cass 94 lb 14 oz, 10th D Hambley 88 lb 4 oz.