Competition hots up for dressage final

Sarah Little
Sarah Little

The competition is hotting up for the championship final on the 14 July, with good entries again and new faces at the last competition.

The unbeaten winners of the senior and junior intro kept their record winning with fantastic scores, with Tricia Cole riding Oliver and Emilia Fandaoutsaki riding Belle.

The prelim was closely contested with the younger riders really showing the older ones how it is done - the eventual winner was Sarah Jayne Little riding Blue Admiral.

The novice was won for a second time in a row by Anthony Turnbull, riding his talented four-year-old Nobby.

Thank you to judge Marge Coultard and sponsors Millbury Hill, Danny Elliot, Croft Cast signs and Redwood saddlery.

Class 1: 1 Tricia Cole, Oliver; 2 Anni Bentley, Lonestar Miss Ellie; 3 Elaine Tranter, Ultra Smart; 4 Rachel Hudspith, Cheeko; 5 Helen Trowski, Charlie

Class 1 under 14s: 1 Emilia Fandaoutsaki, Belle

Class 2: 1 Sarah Jayne Little, Blue Admiral; 2 Wendy Bulmer, Cest Si Bon; 3 Millie Draper, Andy; 4 Anthony Turnbull, Nobby; 5 Rachel Tolhurst, Chloe Eclipse

Class 3: 1 Anthony Turnbull, Nobby; 2 Wendy Bulmer, Cest Si Bon; 3 Rachel Tolhurst, Chloe Eclipse; =4 Beth Hodges, Lordie; Alison Williams, Belle.