Club offers reduced memberships for under 30s

WHITBY Golf Club has brought in reduced rates of full membership for young adults to try to attract the under 30s.

At a time in their lives when they are under many different pressures from first jobs, first mortgages and early years of relationships and children, a lot of under 30s simply stop playing regularly.

So Whitby has introduced a 19 to 24-years-old group for £190 and 25 to 29-years-old group for £285 in an effort to make playing golf more affordable.

If this applies to you and you are interested, please contact club pro Tony Mason on (01947) 602719.

All other rates of membership have had their subscriptions frozen, so full membership remains at £570. Past members who resigned before 2010 can take up the ‘returning members’ offer of £499 to welcome them back.

I think Bob Scott was playing a different course from everyone else last Wednesday, scoring 43 points in the Midweek Stableford.

This gave him a seven-point margin of victory over Steve Swales, Dave Jewell and Jimmy Witt who all scored 36. Terry Wilkinson had 35 points and Dave Upton, Mick Christie, Bill Estill and Chris Wood had 34.

Les Spedding recorded his first win in quite while in the Saturday Stableford with 41 points. Martin Shackleton and Simon Walker had 39, with Andy Smith, Dean Bennett and Steve Dosdale on 38. Steve Ellis, Paul Sykes and Chris Wood had 37.

Brian Jamieson and Simon Walker won the Fourball Betterball on Sunday with 63, ahead of Mick Christie and Terry Wilkinson in second place and Andy Pearson and Dean Bennett in third, both pairs scoring 65. Mark Greasby and Denis Roper had 66, the same score as Andy Lawler and Paul Garbutt.

Kieran Noble leads Division One of the Eclectic with 55, one stroke ahead of James Morrison and Tam McConville. In Division Two, Mick Christie leads on 55, Colin Rutland is second with 58 and Dave Russell is third on 61. Simon Walker has the best six-card total with 387. Andy Pearson is second with 395 and Kieran Noble has 396.

There will be a Stableford tomorrow, a Fourball Betterball on Sunday and a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday.

Whitby’s team to play at Bridlington in the Scarborough and District Alliance tomorrow is: 9.36 D Bennett & N Inglis; 9.44 M Clarkson & R Scott; 9.52 I Wiggins & P Easton; 10.00 A Wiggins & R Marshall; 11.28 H Drake & S Ellis; 11.36 A James & A Pearson; 11.44 M Shackleton & S Parkin. Reserves: D Upton, C Upton. The next alliance meeting is at Driffield on Saturday 19 February.

The next Rabbits’ alliance meeting is at Malton and Norton on Wednesday 16 February. The entry sheet is on the Rabbits notice board.

Gordon Mackenzie won the monthly draw for £200 in the 200 Club.

Tony’s Tip: WHEN you get drawn against a lower-handicap opponent in a matchplay competition do you practically give up before a ball has been struck, or at the very least go out with a very negative attitude?

You know the sort of thing - “he’s much better than me - I haven’t got a chance.”

You certainly haven’t if that’s the way you’re thinking! The wonderful thing about golf, unlike a majority of other sports, is that your opponent can’t influence you at all - unless you let him.

If you play your normal game and score around your handicap, your opponent will be hard-pressed to beat you. If he does play better than his handicap and comes out on top, then it has been down to his good golf and not your poor play and all credit to him.

Remember an awful lot of low handicap players win matches by playing to their handicap while their higher-handicap opponent beat themselves. Play your own game.