Close call in Easter yacht races

Although the weather was kind to the yachtsmen over the Easter weekend, the tide wasn’t, restricting Whitby Yacht Club to only one race on Bank Holiday Monday.

However, 10 boats came out to take advantage of the non-typical holiday weather with a sunny sky and a gentle breeze.

It was the first in the pursuit series of races whereby the theoretically slower boats set off first and the faster ones follow on and if the handicaps are correct, they all end in a line at the end of the race.

The Sonatas - Bullitt 2, BOB, Skywalker and Monty - and Nemesis got the ball rolling, with Nemesis being a little too enthusiastic and jumping the gun.

She chose not to correct her error, so her result would not be recorded.

Bullitt 2 got the better of the starts and led most of the way to Sandsend.

Masquerade followed on nine minutes later, with Cold Steel a minute after, Antix a further five minutes behind, closely followed by Icon and finally No Compromise, 20 minutes after the leaders.

It was a hard beat against the tide, but the first position change took place on this leg as Skywalker overtook Bullitt 2 to be leading at Sandsend.

Now with the wind behind them, the spinnakers popped and the colourful fleet headed for the Bell Buoy which they rounded, maintaining their spinnakers for a fine reach to the pier ends.

Antix was making up a lot of ground as she gobbled up Masquerade, Monty and the still persisting Nemesis.

She had the leading Sonatas in her sights as she started the second lap.

Skywalker maintained the lead with BOB overtaking Bullitt 2 on completion of the first lap.

No Compromise was also making up ground, but it was a tall order for her make up her 20-minute deficit.

The lead was unchanged as the fleet closed up at Sandsend, but Antix bagged her second Sonata as she headed for the Bell Buoy. BOB was the third Sonata to be eaten up by Antix and she chomped her final one, Skywalker, on completion of the second lap, just as the time ran out.

So, although the fleet wasn’t exactly in a line, they were all pretty close.

Result: 1 Antix, John Allen; 2 Skywalker, Peter Brown; 3 BOB, Andy Martland and Bill Uppington.