Cass tops Sunday fishing match

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WHITBY Sea Anglers were once again forced to travel to deep water cliff marks in order to be competitive.

Twelve anglers were at the scales with 26 fish weighed. Wrasse, rocklings, coalfish, codling and pollack made up the catch of 34lb 10oz.

Results: 1 A Cass with 2 fish for 6lb 1/16oz, 2 M Garbutt with 4 fish for 4lb, 3 D Hambley with 2 fish for 3 lb 12/16oz, 4= W Atkinson with 3 fish for 3 lb 1/16oz, J Gilpin with 1 fish for 3lb 1/16oz, N Inglis with 3 fish for 3lb 1/16oz, 7 B Laws with 3 fish for 2 lb 8/16oz, 8 P Garbutt with 2 fish for

2lb 4/16oz, 9 R Cope with 2 fish for 2lb 1/16oz, 10 D Perrett with 1 fish for 2lb, 11th M Lamb with 1 fish for 1lb 8/16oz, 12 M Beedle with 1 fish for

1lb 5/16oz.