Cass man of the match

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WHITBY Sea Anglers’ Association members will be glad when this season finishes.

Strong westerly winds, no swell, full moon, big tide and crystal clear water.

Wednesday night’s three-hour match finished just after low water, 2141hrs 0.7m.

Six anglers were at the scales with 21 fish, mainly whiting for 15 lb 4 oz.

A Cass was man of the match with seven whiting for 5 lb 08 oz.

Results: 1 A Cass with 7 fish for 5 lb 8/16oz, 2 M Garbutt with 5 fish for 3 lb 6/16oz, 3 B Laws with 3 fish for 2 lb 6/16oz, 4 M Lamb with 3 fish for 2 lb 5/16oz, 5 P Garbutt with 2 fish for 1 lb 3/16oz, 6 W Atkinson with 1 fish for 8/16oz.