Cass lands sixth win in sparse weigh-in

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February’s match fishing finished last Wednesday, in a three-hour match was a scratching match, fished over high water.

Some members travelled to Scarborough in search of whitings and flat fish, while others stayed local and fished Sandsend beach.

Numerous pleasure anglers were also out and about enjoying the milder conditions but catch reports were poor, under sized billets was a common complaint.

By 9.15pm, the wind got a lot stronger as it shifted to the south, feeling a lot colder (wind chill), but stayed dry.

Nine of the 13 members fishing returned to the scales with an assortment of 22 fish – nine whitings, seven codlings, four flat fish, and two billets for 24 lb 10 oz.

Man of the match, with his fourth win to date, Colin Stainthorpe, two codlings for 5 lb 2 oz. Colin also landed the heaviest fish of the night 3 lb 6 oz.

Both monthly sweeps, heaviest fish and heaviest bag of fish for February were won by Ben Laws with an excellent catch on the first match – Sunday 1 – catching three codlings for 18 lb 10 oz, including heaviest fish 14 lb 7½ oz (also heaviest fish of season to date).

Results, last Wednesday:

9 whitings, 7 codlings, 4 flat fish, and 2 billets

1 C Stainthorpe with 2 codlings for 5 lb 2 oz, 2 B Laws 4 whitings, 1 flat fish for 4 lb 5 oz, 3 P Short 2 codlings, 1 flat fish for 4 lb 1 oz, 4 R Allison 2 codlings for 3 lb 8 oz, 5 M Garbutt 3 whitings for 2 lb 5 oz, 6 J Gilpin with 2 whitings, 2 flat fish for 2 lb 2 oz, 7 D Perrett 1 codling for 1 lb 8 oz, 8 R Cope 1 billet for 14 oz, 9 P Horbury 1 billet for 13 oz.

Total catch for February: 175 fish – 118 cod, 42 whitings, 11 flat fish, 3 billets and 1 rockling for 318 lb 1 oz.

Members are reminded to return last season’s trophies for engraving, to start making suggestions for Most Improved Angler and Most Memorable Moment.

l The south westerly winds from Wednesday had shifted slowly into the west for Sunday’s match, the sea state was crystal clear, all but flat calm, save a slight long distance northerly lump now and again.

Low water mid-match, another scratching match for those members who had not travelled to the European Open Beach Championship at Tunstall, East Yorkshire.

Late Sunday afternoon and the weather became very inclement, starting with rain, turning wintery with sleet and snow as members made their way out for the four-hour match.

By the start of the match at 6pm this had passed and the cloud cover started to thin.

Not helping the already poor conditions, by 7pm a starlight sky, a bright three-quarter moon, and temperatures plummeted for one of the coldest nights yet.

Fishing in March can be slow as fish move into deeper water to spawn, bites were few and far between.

Those lucky enough to catch an undersized fish were doing well, as some went the whole match without a single bite.

Fishing with two different two hooked rigs, targeting whitings and flat fish, alternating between short and long casts (and baits), trying to locate where any fish might be feeding produced two under-sized billets, and a postage stamp flattie for Peter Horbury on Sandsend beach.

Only three members were at the scales with two codlings and a rockling for the seasons worst weigh-in 3 lb 13 oz.

Man of the match, Andrew Cass, with his sixth win took heaviest fish and bag with a single codling of 1 lb 13 oz.

Dave Perrett thought he had hooked a good fish of 7 lb only to find it was foul hooked.

No change in the Leader Board. Hopefully conditions will improve as the weather is forecast to be changeable this week, with meteorologists predicting four seasons in a week.

Results, Sunday

1 A Cass with 1 codling for 1 lb 13 oz, 2 D Perrett 1 codling for 1 lb 11 oz, 3 R Allison 1 rockling for5 oz.

Leader board,

41 of 49 matches

1 M Garbutt with 125 fish for 253 lb 6/16 oz, 2 R Allison 108 fish for 211 lb 4/16 oz, 3 C Stainthorpe 84 fish for 198 lb 14/16 oz, 4 B Laws 105 fish for 184 lb 11/16 oz, 5 A Cass 68 fish for 168 lb 13/16 oz, 6 P Short 100 fish for 158 lb 8/16 oz, 7 D Perrett 71 fish for 142 lb 12/16 oz, 8 R Cope with 65 fish for 136 lb 10/16 oz, 9 D Thompson with 44 fish for 84 lb 11/16 oz, 10 P Kilpatrick 38 fish for 73 lb 11/16 oz, 11 P Horbury 45 fish for 70 lb 15/16 oz, 12 B Vasey 37 fish for 68 lb 13/16 oz, 13 J Gilpin 38 fish for 55 lb 4/16 oz, 14 D Hambley 32 fish for 50 lb 5/16 oz, 15 M Beedle 21 fish for48 lb 15/16 oz, 16 J Wrigley 28 fish for 46 lb 7/16 oz, 17 M Bowman 16 fish for 35 lb 7/16 oz, 18 R Deadman 16 fish for 33 lb 14/16 oz, 19 I Simpson 15 fish for 32 lb, 20 J Moore 11 fish for 16 lb, 21 C McCarthy (Jnr) 9 fish for 15 lb 5/16 oz, 22 J Ebison 9 fish for 8 lb 6/16 oz, 23 J Pearce 5 fish for 6 lb 7/16 oz, 24 M Pitman 3 fish for 1 lb 10/16 oz, 25 P Pitman 1 fish for 5/16 oz.