Brothers return to defend Whitby beach crown

Beach volley for Whitby RNLI
Beach volley for Whitby RNLI

North Riding Eagles fund-raising beach volleyball tournament for Whitby RNLI was hit by bad weather on Sunday.

Inland and up above the beach at cliff level, the rain and strong breeze did their best to deter people.

Yet down by the sea there was no rain or wind and these near perfect conditions were a key factor in helping players maintain such a high level of play.

Those hardy players who ventured down got a nice surprise with the good conditions and hats and coats were soon replaced by shorts and t -shirts as all the players who turned up were diving around in the sand battling for points.

It was a tough challenge for the Caedmon College year 10 girls’ team, having to play all male teams, but the girls played well and they emerged with credit, sticking to good technique.

Their results soon improved as they gave the men’s teams a surprise challenge.

Travelling home from university to defend their title of Whitby beach volleyball champions, ex-Caedmon College students Dougie and Micky Elias raised the standard and pushed other teams to play at a higher level.

The brothers won with style and laid down a marker that they will defend their title with vigour.

This is the third year running they have been crowned men’s beach volleyball champions of Whitby.

However they faced an unexpected challenge from Warren Stanforth’s team who merged their football skills with new-found volleyball technique to bring a Brazilian volleyball style to the tournament.

Runners-up were Botton village who are beginning to fulfil their potential and may yet pip the Elias brothers to the title one year soon.

Well done to all those who trekked through the rain to get down to the beach to play or support.

Regular beach volleyball training in Whitby is on a Monday after school at Caedmon College and is open to all students. Open public sessions are on a Wednesday, 6.30pm on the beach.