British golf revels in its golden moment

WHAT a golden time for British golf.

Last year, when Luke Donald was top money earner on both the European and US tours, it was an unprecedented achievement.

Amazingly Rory McIlroy has just done it again the following year.

It is fascinating to wonder who else from the European Tour might become one of the dominant players of the next few years.

At home at Whitby, Tam McConville won the Midweek Stableford on 7 November with 39 points. Denis Roper was second with 37, Les Underwood and Jim Hall had 36 and Mike Rothwell and Dave Upton 35. Brian Hurst, Adam Lyth, Robin Sisson and Kevin Barker scored 34.

Saturday’s Stableford was won by Robin Sisson with 41 points, beating John Hartley over the back nine holes.

Jim Hall and Dave Upton had 39, Martin Shackleton, Mark McBurney and Tam McConville 38 and Kieran Noble, Peter C Brown and Billy Hardy 37.

On a beautiful morning, Ian Wiggins and Dean Bennett came out on top in Sunday’s Fourball Betterball with a score of 63.

Andy Lawler and Chris Noble took second place on 65, beating Howard Dean and Bill Estill over the back nine.

There is a Stableford on Saturday (17 Nov), a Fourball Betterball on Sunday 18 and a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday 21.

Whitby’s team for the Scarborough & District Alliance at Malton and Norton on Saturday (17 Nov) is: 8.21 Howard Drake and Tam McConville; 8.28 James Jewell and Steve Ellis; 8.35 Dean Bennett and Richard Marshall; 10.06 Alex Wiggins and Peter Easton; 10.13 Colin Upton and Eric Wilson; 10.20 Martin Shackleton and Alistair Lyth. Reserves: Richard Brown, Dave Upton, John Hartley, Adam Lyth.

The next round in the Alliance series is in the New Year, on Sunday 27 January at Scarborough South Cliff.

The ladies’ section opted to play the November Medal over 15 holes on Tuesday 6 and Susan Bennison was the winner with 69.

Karen Fellows and Doreen Richardson had 72, Sue Wessell 73 and Amanda Ing and Marjorie Mackenzie 74.

The winners of the ladies’ summer eclectic were: silver division 67.25 Jean Jefferson; 69.5 Maureen Eglon; 70.38 June Halley; bronze division 64.13 Mandy Coates; 64.75 Sue Wessel; 66.38 Amanda Ing.

Bob Scott was this week’s winner of £100 in the 200 Club weekly draw.

Tony’s Tip:

AS the greens gradually get slower as we go into the winter months, it is very easy to send the putts left as you try to get the ball up to the hole.

This is because everyone naturally uses the dominant fingers (index and thumb) of the dominant hand (right) to hit the ball harder and this often closes the putter face.

Try to focus on the last two fingers of your right hand instead, and the putter face should remain square.