Blessed stuns everyone with Stableford 50

BYRON Blessed stunned everyone at Whitby Golf Club with an amazing score of 50 points to win the Midweek Stableford last Wednesday, writes Whitby Golf Club professional, Tony Mason.

It’s certainly the highest score I have seen in my 38 years as a golf professional, so congratulations to him.

With a score of 42 points, which would have won many competitions, Garry Walker was a distant second, with Dean Bennett and Nigel Pyman on 41. Chris Booth, Terry Wilkinson, Graham Robinson and Richard Young had 40.

Men’s Invitation Day on Saturday attracted 48 pairs and was won by Dean Bennett and his partner D Laverick.

Colin Fenby and J Taylor had 63 to come second and Dave Kirk and G Winteringham finished third on 64.

Peter Scholey and G Gorman were fourth on 65, beating Simon Grant and P Kitson over the back nine holes.

Junior member Matty Brown had the lowest score with 63 in the Elliot Cup on Sunday but was ineligible to win the trophy, so that honour goes to Andy Pearson with 64. Peter R Brown had 65, James Morrison and John Littleton 66 with Neil Clarkson and Austin James on 67.

On Saturday (6 Aug), it is the August Monthly Medal, on Sunday the men have the Dunsley Cup, the juniors play for the Dunsley Trophy and there is also the Simpson Cup Mixed Foursomes between 1pm and 2.30pm. There will be a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday (10 Aug).

Members are reminded the club’s two main open days, the Four Man Team Stableford on Saturday 3 September and the Mixed Greensome on Saturday 10 September, are open to members to play in. The sheets are filling up, so members wanting to play should book their times with me as soon as possible.

The Rabbits have a home match against Scarborough North Cliff on Tuesday 23 August with a 4pm tee time. If you would like to be involved, put your name on the team selection sheet in the locker room.

In the seniors’ section Ernie Hallett has made a sudden leap to the top of the leader board in both the best six cards and the eclectic.

Ernie shares the lead in the best six with Peter Davies and Vic Wilson with 217. but his 55.75 gives him outright first in the eclectic, with Vic Wilson on 56.0 and Peter Reynolds on 57.0.

Colin Rutland won the monthly draw for £200 in the 200 Club.

Tony’s Tip: many golfers are plagued by a slice, with the ball sliding weakly out to the right of where they aimed, and things are even worse in the wind.

I am sure many players feel that to hit the ball straight it is necessary to swing in a straight line with the clubface always looking at the target.

In fact the swing curves around a circle and only travels towards the target for a very brief moment and the clubface turns from open to closed like a door opening and closing.

To improve things and get rid of your slice, make a few slow half swings in front of you and make the clubface turn from open to closed as it passes through where the ball will be. You should feel this turning in both hands and forearms.

When you have got the feel of that, take that into the full swing and watch the slice disappear.