Beast from the East strikes coastal anglers

A BITING wind from Russia, nicknamed the Beast from the East struck the north east coast as predicted by the Met Office, as members of Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association fished the three-hour match in the most inclement conditions.

Trying to find a fishable mark for the all flood match and sheltered, was not going to be easy as the north by north westerly gales whipped up a strong and powerful northerly sea swell.

The Beast from the East threw everything from torrential freezing rain, sleet and skin piecing hale. Eighteen members and many pleasure anglers fished in search of a codling or two.

James ‘Jamsy’ Moore was pleased to hook two codling for 9lb 10oz, despite the conditions, to win his first match this season taking a well-earned ‘man of the match’.

Catching the smaller of his two fish on his first cast and then his biggest fish on his last cast, a fine codling of 5lb 2oz, left his fishing mark in plenty of time to make the weigh-in.

Jamsy reported he caught both his fish on a long flowing trace, a single 6/0 hook, baited with a cocktail of squid and lugworm.

The largest, once landed, coughed up a codling. When gutted later, Jamsy said it had been feeding on two more codling and a billet, yet still had room for his bait.

Neil Inglis reported losing a good fish, which straightened out his pennel rig hooks as he attempted to lift the fish.

Surprisingly, there was little weed washing around in the surf and a good 7oz grip lead was a must as the swell was surging on the flood.

Six members were at the scales with 11 codling for 29lb 2oz.

Results: 1 J Moore with 2 fish for 9lb 10oz, 2 M Garbutt 3 fish for 8lb 1oz, 3 S Moore 2 fish for 5lb 3oz, 4 C Stainthorpe 2 fish for 3lb 15oz,

5 N Inglis 1 fish for 1lb 3oz, 6 B Laws 1 fish for 1lb 2oz.