Beaches the right choice for anglers

WEDNESDAY night’s three-hour match was fish on a flooding tide up to virtually high water, 2209 hrs 4.6m.

With a little swell, which was growing, aided by the chilling northerly wind.

The local beaches were the choice locations for many anglers, with plenty of colour in the water from recent heavy rain.

However leaves and grass, wash down the streams and becks was a problem, fouling lines and rigs.

Ten anglers were at the scales with 61 fish for 43 lb 13 oz.

Predominantly whiting being the main catch, W Atkinson had a flat fish of 1 lb 05 oz (16” long) and C Stainthorpe had the only codling of 1 lb 03 oz.

In a singles match, D Perrett 1 lb 7 oz beat M Pitman 0 lb 00 oz, while in a doubles match J Moore & A Cass (single handedly 9 lb 1 oz) beat M Pitman & B Laws 0 lb 00 oz.

Wednesday (28 Nov) is the next round of the singles knockouts: N Inglis V J Gilpin, D Perrett V S Moore.

Results: 1 A Cass with 15 fish for 9lb 1/16oz, 2 D Hambley with 10 fish for 8 lb 6/16oz, 3 M Garbutt with 8 fish for 6 lb 9/16oz, 4 J Gilpin with 9 fish for 5 lb 14/16oz, 5 M Lamb with 7 fish for 4 lb 2/16oz, 6 N Inglis with 5 fish for 3 lb 10/16oz, 7 W Atkinson with 3 fish for 3 lb 2/16oz, 8 D Perrett with 2 fish for 1 lb 7/16oz, 9 C Stainthorpe with 1 fish for 1 lb 3/16oz, 10 P Horbury with 1 fish for 7/16oz.

In the leader board, M Garbutt’s lead is now 40 lb 8 oz.