Bad weather delays Clifford Page races

Crews battle it out in the Page rowing races'picture submitted by Leah Hunter
Crews battle it out in the Page rowing races'picture submitted by Leah Hunter

THE Clifford Page races – the third meeting of the season – was not third time lucky.

Once again the conditions at sea and especially in the harbour resulted in another cancelled date.

Races were held on the following evenings with Monday evening’s sea conditions allowing three races to go ahead.

The boys under-14s race saw a win for Scarborough - James Purdy’s crew taking several clear boat lengths from Jack Kelly’s Friendship crew who took second place.

In the girls under-14s Kiera Stevens’ Fishermen’s crew and the crew of Morgann Russell for Friendship contested a closely-fought race until approaching the pier ends when Kiera’s crew pulled clear to win by seven boat lengths.

The mens under-21s race gave the Scarborough team their second win of the evening as Ryan Law’s crew pulled clear of Lee Graham’s Fishermen’s crew.

Tuesday evening’ saw the ladies’ junior and senior races.

The ladies junior race saw Fishermen’s claim first and second places with Kirsty Kemsley’s crew producing a commanding row from the other boats to take first place followed by K Stephens crew in second.

In the ladies senior race Scarborough won with a very convincing row. Leading from the start, they pulled clear quickly and won by a good distance from the Fishermen’s crew of Jenny Hewison.

In Wednesday’s mens under-23s contest Luke Clarkson for Friendship, took the lead from the start and went on to win from the crew of R Laws of Scarborough.

In the mens senior race Scarborough took first and second places. Bob Hewitt’s crew pulled clear from the start and went well clear of the pack. R Law’s crew for Scarborough battled with the third boat and eventually pulled clear to take second.

Mens cup – Pages Trophy won by Scarborough.

Ladies cup – Carlsberg/Tetleys Cup won by Fishermens.


Boys under-14s: 1 Scarborough, William Sheader, James Purdy, Will Anderson, Brad Miller, Ben Martin, Jack Anderson; 2 Friendship, Scoresby, Jack Kelly, Owen Grant, Sonny Grant, Callum Halley, Ben Betts; 3 Fisherlads, Relentless, Jack Buck, Aiden Doherty, Jack Harper, Tommy Brown, Steve Waring.

Girls under-14s: 1 Fisherlads, Gemini, Kiera Stevens, Chloe Scarth, Charlotte Hall, Beth Entwistle, Pete Spence; 2 Friendship, Scoresby, Morgann Russell, Emily Sleightholme, Milly Storr, Amy Clarkson, Ben Betts; 3 Fisherlads, Resolution, Grace Young, Jess Hodgson, Chelsie Kilpatrick, Sharna O’Brien, Jason Jeffries.

Mens under-21s: 1 Scarborough, William Sheader, Ryan Law, Jack Anderson, Matthew Young, Sam Woodward, James Purdy; 2 Fisherlads, Resolution, Lee Graham, Mitch Eglon, Shaun Graham, Jamie Brown, Jason Jeffries; 3 Friendship, Pegasus, Jack Stewart, Ben Betts, Ryan Sleightholme, Ellis Upton, Luke Clarkson.

Ladies juniors: 1 Fishermens, Relentless, K Kemsley, B Peirson, J Scarth, L Hunter, S Humble; 2 Fishermen’s, Gemini, K Stephens, C Hall, C Scarth, L Belchamber, P Spencer; 3 Friendship, Pegasus, A Clarkson, R Eglon, L Storr, M Storr, M Russell.

Ladies seniors: 1 Scarborough, William Sheader, J Purdy, D Gibson, V Stewart, S Rees; 2 Fishermen’s, Henriella, J Hewison, S Clark, J Purvis, K Brown, D Howard; 3 Friendship, Pegasus, V Walker, M Davidson, R Smith, J Locker, M Russell.

Mens under-23s: 1 Friendship, Pegasus, L Clarkson, R Lowther, J Kendrew, A Sleightholme, B Betts; 2 Scarborough, William Sheader, R Law, J Anderson, M Young, G Woodward, W Anderson; 3 Fishermen’s, Resolution, Lee Graham, Jamie Brown, Shaun Graham, Tyler Mayo, Kirsty Kemsley.

Mens seniors: 1 Scarborough, William Sheader, B Hewitt, S Taylor, G Woodward, D Sharp; 2 Scarborough, Edward Brown, R Law, J Anderson, M Young, S Woodward, W Anderson; 3 Friendship, Pegasus, L Clarkson, R Lowther, J Kendrew, R Sleightholme, B Betts.