Archers prepare for summer season

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AS the weather warms up, members of Whitby Company of Archers are preparing themselves for the summer ahead.

Throughout the winter they have been practising indoors at Whitby Pavilion and in the next month they will be going through their equipment stores to check everything is ready to be used once they move outside in the spring.

Their summer season will start at Easter when they return to Eskdale School playing field to start their beginners’ lessons.

The lessons will be held on a Tuesday nights throughout May, June, July and August.

A beginners’ course is run in three, two-hour sessions, all equipment is provided by the club and the cost of the course is £35.

There is some work involved in repairing and maintaining archery equipment, from bows and arrows to targets and bosses. For example, wooden Longbows need to be regularly oiled and the bowstring needs beeswax applied to it to stop it drying out.

Arrows need to be straightened out if bent and any fletchings’ that have been lost to be replaced using a fletching gig. The target bosses and stands often need re-enforcing or repairing which requires carpentry skills.

On Tuesday 3 May, there is an open night where anyone can come along, try archery and then book some lessons for the summer. It takes place at Eskdale School on the playing fields behind the school building.

The club now has two more coaches, Pete Beeforth and Kath Nellis, to help resident coach Phyllis Walker.

The club had a large intake of new members of all ages last summer and is looking forward to welcoming any adults and children who would like to come along to take lessons this year; If you are interested in finding out more check out the website or for lesson information, call Phyllis Walker on (01287) 633722.