Archers and shooters swap sports in gun challenge

Derek Purves (Clay Target Club) trying archery
Derek Purves (Clay Target Club) trying archery

ONE of the hottest days of the summer so far saw Whitby Company of Archers and Whitby Clay Target Club come together to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The annual gun club challenge sees members from both clubs competing in each other’s sports as well as their own for a personal top score of the day.

Some of Clay Target Club try archery

Some of Clay Target Club try archery

Everyone taking part received a bit of tuition on the unfamiliar sport before the event began and then half started the day doing clay pigeon shooting while the others did archery; after lunch they swapped over.

After a few hours in the scorching sun, the scores were in and the winner of the trophy was Steve Johnson from the Archers with a score of 39 out of a possible 50.

Each club members’ scores were also combined to see which club triumphed overall and this year it was the archers who won.

The total amount of money raised was £336; it was through a contribution of £70 from the Target Clubs’ Kitchen (who provided lunch), a raffle, donations and the tickets to take part.

The money raised will be donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance by Dave Jones, the Clay Target Club chairman.

Phyllis Walker, one of archery organisers, said: “Everyone has had a great day and I think that’s the most money we’ve raised at this event in a few years, so that’s fantastic.

“We look forward to doing it again next year.”