‘Anyone playing well will get a good score’

Although Whitby golf course has been in good condition this spring – now that we are getting some proper growth the course is looking excellent, with clear definition between the fairways, semi-rough and deeper rough, and the greens are rolling truly and getting pretty quick.

This is a credit to our hard-working greens staff. Anyone playing well will get a good score, and this shows in this week’s competitions.

Roger Davison beat Dan Craig over the back nine holes to win the Midweek Stableford with 42 points. Tony Orton came third with 40 ahead of Geoff Cooling on 39. Andrew Coomber, Howard Dean, Mike Rothwell, Steve Ingleston and Andy Smith all had 38.

Steve Purvis had both the best gross score (70) and the best nett (65) in Division One in the May Medal. Steve Dosdale and Colin Fenby also had 65, but were beaten on the back nine holes. Richard Marshall, Bob Scott and Peter Easton had 68. Division Two was won by Mel Purvis with 70, with Steve Ellis on 71 and Les Spedding and Steve Thornton on 72. Martin Thistle, Malcolm Eglon and Jim Hall had 73.

Three pairs scored 65 in the Fourball Betterball Medal on Sunday, and had to be divided by the back nine and six holes. Colin and Dave Upton came out on top, with Ian Wiggins and Simon Walker second and Neil Coates and Mike Kilpatrick third, Three more pairs had 66; Chris Batchelor with Lee Dover, Denis Roper with John Hartley and Byron Blessed with Chris Noble.

Sam Wiggins won my Pro’s Open Stableford on Bank Holiday Monday with 41 points. Chris Dixon and Steve Thornton had 40, with Neil Coates on 39 and Greig Cowie on 38.

Visitor (but ex-member) Rob Wildsmith had 36, with Craig Thompson and Hugh Sherrard-Smith scoring 34.

There is a Texas Scramble tomorrow, the Grouse Foursomes for the first trophy of the year on Sunday and a Midweek Stableford on Wednesday.

The following Saturday, (May 17), is a social ‘not-too-serious’ competition organized by our two captains, John and Janet Wightman.

This has a shotgun start at 2 pm and after play there is the option of a meal with our newly-returned caterer Bob Scott. It is hoped that as many members of all categories will take part.

Please put your name on the list which is under the captains’ photographs in the lounge.

Pat Coakley won £100 in the 200 Club draw this week.

Tony’s Tip: when playing the shots around the green I favour a very straightforward approach, using the range of clubs to get lower or higher flight when needed.

However, if you feel that you would like to be able to play the ‘specials’, there are some changes to make.

Do remember that whenever you deviate from the normal, the shot carries more risk, so weigh your choices carefully. If you want to play an extremely high, soft-landing pitch shot, use your most lofted club.

Point the face slightly to the right of your target with your body aligned slightly to the left (an open stance) and play the ball inside the left heel.

Keep your grip relaxed to allow the wrists to hinge freely during the swing. This is very much the same technique as playing a high shot out of a bunker, and you should follow through in just the same way. Practise this one before trying it on the course.