Antix two victories win White Rose Cup

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The White Rose cup was the silverware on offer on Saturday for the Yacht Club fleet.

As is traditional, this prize was decided by two races, a coastal race taking the boats out of the bay first, followed by a race in the bay.

The coastal race would provide an extra test of the crew’s navigation skills as they would be required to round a virtual mark – that’s a GPS position which must be sailed around with no physical mark to be seen.

Samaki made the best start, rounding H mark and setting off on the long run to the virtual mark with her nose in front, but speedier spinnaker work soon had Antix at the front chased by Icon and Cold Steel.

Qantro was steadily gaining on Samaki too, while Masquerade was doing well without a spinnaker to hold of Lady Hamilton who had their cruising chute set.

Reaching the virtual mark position first, Antix dropped their spinnaker and took a cautious wide line around it. Icon followed but Colin’s homework on Cold Steel paid off as a tighter rounding promoted them to 2nd.

Qantro finally caught Samaki at the mark, causing them both to run wide as they battled each other while trying to home in on the invisible buoy.

Masquerade, Lady Hamilton and Double D each located the mark in order and the headed back into the bay.

The order was maintained on the reach into C mark, and then the sails were hardened in for a final beat to the finish.

Antix managed to pull enough lead out to take the win ahead of Cold Steel who were delighted to take 2nd ahead of Icon.

Qantro held off Samaki to be 4th home but the handicap would swap them round.

After a short break for lunch, the fleet headed back out for the deciding bay race.

The wind had now freshened and shortened sails were in order. This caught some out, Icon and Qantro being particularly unready.

Despite being short on crew, Samaki was as ready as anyone and made another good start.

Antix and Cold Steel again found their way quickly to the front, Samaki running 3rd.

Masquerade and Lady Hamilton were having a close battle which would continue for most of the race, and Icon had set about making up lost ground but Qantro was still struggling to sort her sails and set off with only mainsail up.

The fleet made speedy progress around two laps towards Sandsend and back, and so the race officer decided they could sail the complete course.

This meant 2 more short laps. Antix maintained her lead, with Cold Steel on her tail. Icon had found her way up into 3rd pushing Samaki down to 4th.

After swapping positions a few times Masquerade established herself ahead of Lady Hamilton, but the handicap was still favouring the latter.

Qantro had finally got going and was steadily catching the tail of the fleet.

Antix completed a second victory to take the cup.

Cold Steel securing the runners up place, even the full four laps not giving Icon quite enough time to recover any higher than 3rd.

Samaki was a fairly lonely 4th by the end, well clear of Masquerade, Lady Hamilton and Qantro, whose pursuit of the slower boats just failed as she was last home by a few seconds.

Overall Result: 1st Antix – John Allen, 2nd Cold Steel – Dey, Gowland and Jarvis, 3rd Icon – Neil Williamson.