Antix pressures Cold Steel to final second

Seven boats came out to compete in the first of a series of Whitby Yacht Club pursuit races on Saturday.

In these races, the theoretically slower boats set off in a staggered start at predetermined intervals and eventually the fastest boats are released in the region of ½ hour after the first boats.

The race only lasts a total of two hours, but the fastest boats often end up at the front.

Monty was the first boat away and the first chaser was Cavalier.

Samaki started her chase, closely followed by Cold Steel.

These two closed on the bunched up pair of Monty and Cavalier and overtook them with Cold Steel hitting the front shortly after, a position that was only challenged at the end of the race.

These four were well down the leg heading for Sandsend when the greyhounds, Antix, Icon and No Compromise were released.

They were tiny dots in the distance to the leading four, but they were all well aware that these boats were quite capable of overtaking them.

Antix led the charge and rapidly consumed Cavalier and Monty and not much later took second place off Samaki and had Cold Steel firmly in her sights.

Icon and No Compromise overtook Cavalier and Monty, relegating them to back markers and it looked like this would be the finishing order.

But Antix had no thoughts of giving up and pressured Cold Steel to the final second.

And, in the middle of the field, Icon took full advantage of a good gust and her spinnaker and had her nose just in front of Samaki as the final time countdown took place.

Result: 1 Cold Steel, Nigel Jarvis, 2 Antix, John Allen, 3 Icon, Neil & Lorraine Williamson.

The fresh, westerly wind had remained overnight and reduced sail was the rig of the day. Six boats came out to compete in the third race in the Spring series.

The fleet got away to a clean start and the order was quickly settled in to with Antix in the lead, No Compromise not far back and Samaki keeping in touch. Qantro, Serenade of Parkstone and Cavalier had some close manoeuvring prior to the first mark before Qantro established her fourth position and Serenade and Cavalier started their close fought fight that would last throughout the race.

There were no more changes of position with Serenade just managing to hold her nose in front of Cavalier and only Antix was bold enough to fly a spinnaker and so, justly, led the fleet in.

Result, Class A: 1 Antix, 2 No Compromise, Derek Frank, 3 Qantro, Nathaniel Drake.

Class B: 1 Samaki, Nigel Robinson, 2 Serenade of Parkstone, Chris Hamlett & Leslie Franks, 3 Cavalier, Bernie Ratcliffe.