Anglers ‘thrown around’ pier like a tumble drier

MEMBERS of Whitby Sea Anglers Association fish the three-hour match in extreme conditions as the forecasted weather hit the north east coast.

With little close to shore swell and little colour in the water, finding a sheltered mark was not going to be easy given the road and weather conditions.

The south easterly wind had been growing all day and the snow turned from a fine dust to heavy flakes which soon had motorists creeping gingerly through town as the snow began to lay and drift in open exposed locations.

Reading the Whitby Gazettes updates on the social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, the Scarborough road was blocked at Pond Hill and the moor road was no better.

The decision to stay local left members few options with not wanting to travel further afield, either the west pier or Sandsend beach, fishing for whiting. Those that choose the pier reported conditions as ‘wild’ but fish were caught, one described it as like being in a tumble dryer, constantly being thrown about.

Once the ebb tide took a hold it soon ripped away and anglers were moving their kit 30 yards every 20 minutes.

The further away from what little shelter the coastline gave, anglers were blasted with sand, hail, rain and sleet.

Bite detection in such windy and cold conditions was hard, and at times it was necessary to hold the tip of the rod under the water.

Once the tide had ebbed past the steep beach shelf and levelled off, anglers reported that the sand was softer than they felt comfortable with and until the sea drained away further it did not firm up.

Catches, as expected were low and only five members were at the scales with 20 whiting for 17lb 4oz.

The heaviest whiting was 1lb 5oz, caught by Neil Inglis on white rag worm.

Dave Hambley was man of the match with seven whiting for 6lb 2oz. Matthew Garbutt has now caught 200 fish.

Results: 1 D Hambley with 7 fish for 6 lb 02 oz, 2 M Garbutt 4 fish for 3lb 6oz, 3= S Moore 4 fish for 3lb 4oz, 3= N Inglis 3 fish for 3lb 4oz, 5 P Horbury 2 fish for 1lb 4oz.