Anglers forced to travel to find whiting

MATCH 30 of 50, 3/5ths of the season completed and Wednesday night (18 Jan) was the worst weigh-in, beating the previous low by 5 lb 1 oz.

Flat calm sea, south westerly breeze, slack tide and crystal clear water.

Many anglers opted to travel in the hope of picking up a whiting or two and that is what happened.

Even the whiting are proving harder to find.

Eight anglers were at the scales to weigh in 14 fish for 10 lb 1 oz. The previous low, at the first match of the season, was 12 fish for 15 lb 2 oz.

Result: 1 R Allison with 2 fish for 1 lb 11/16oz, 2= D Perrett with 2 fish for 1 lb 10/16oz, D Hambley with 2 fish for 1lb 10/16oz, 4 N Inglis with 2 fish for 1 lb 7/16oz, 5 W Atkinson with 2 fish for 1 lb 5/16oz, 6 J Allison (Jnr) with 2 fish for 1 lb 3/16oz, 7 P Short with 1 fish for 11/16oz, 8 P Horbury with 1 fish for 8/16oz.

Sunday night’s four-hour match finished just after low water 2143 hrs, on what was supposed to be at a height of 1.0m.

However the tide ebbed away fast, as the strong westerly wind pushed it back further than expected.

Many anglers reporting marks emptying out and new features were visible.

With a regular north westerly swell, anglers were keen to be out and made off to their favourite marks.

P Horbury was man of the match with two codling for 7 lb 09 oz. J Gilpin caught the heaviest fish of 6 lb 14 1/2 oz, which now takes the leader board for the heaviest fish caught in a match for January.

Nine anglers were at the scales with 10 fish for 37 lb 01 oz.

Results: 1 P Horbury with 2 fish for 7 lb 9/16oz, 2 J Gilpin with 1 fish for 6 lb 15/16oz, 3 R Allison with 1 fish for 5 lb 14/16oz, 4 D Thompson with 1 fish for 5 lb 5/16oz, 5 B Laws with 1 fish for 5 lb 1/16oz, 6 D Hambley with 1 fish for 3 lb 6/16oz, 7 D Perrett with 1 fish for 1 lb 13/16oz,

8 W Atkinson with 1 fish for 14/16oz, 9 M Bowman with 1 fish for 4/16oz.