Angler Paul makes Short work of rivals

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Sunday night’s Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association four-hour match started in daylight, with an icy moderate easterly wind, feeling a lot colder when wind chill factored in.

Cloud cover was heavy – by 8pm a storm moved up the coastline, obscuring the bell buoy’s beacon light, giving a light dusting of hail on shore.

Swells were ideal for the beach, regular, not too heavy at 2-3ft, with no surging for the all flood match.

Wind was right to left and the swell was at angle to the beach, creating both a bow and drag on the line. In order to reduce both, it was necessary to walk up the beach to cast in, leaving your line straight when back at your rod rest.

Bites were few and far between, a lack of whitings on the beach made for a slow night.

Paul Short’s match nearly came to an end – a rod end eye was found to be precariously weakened by a snapped support.

After a quick reel change due to a ‘birds nest’ over run whilst casting, he managed to nurse his rod to the end of the match.

Fishing a two hooked clipped down rig, baited with fresh lug worm he caught three codlings for a respectable 7 lb 15 oz, for man of the match and heaviest fish of 3 lb 4½ oz.

Paul is the most consistent angler, weighing-in in 39 matches (to date) of the 43 he has fished.

With only four matches left until close of season, thoughts turn to the presentation night, on Saturday April 18.

Dave Perrett now has menus for members to make their choices and return with payment.

Results, Sunday

Eight codlings, 1 rockling for 17 lb. 1 P Short with 3 codlings and HF 3 lb 4½ oz, 7 lb 15 oz, 2 M Garbutt 1 codling for 2 lb 13 oz, 3 P Kilpatrick 1 codling for 1 lb 13 oz, 4 D Thompson 1 codling for 1 lb 8 oz, 5 J Wrigley 1 codling for 1 lb 4 oz, 6 P Horbury 1 codling for 1 lb 3 oz, 7 R Cope 1 rockling for 8 oz.

l Conditions for Wednesday night’s WSAA three-hour match, were mild at the start, as members headed for the beaches, cliff marks and Whitby west pier for the high water all-ebb match.

High pressure had been dominant making for bigger than expected low water ebbs, aided by the off shore winds.

Thankfully by 7pm the late afternoon drizzle was soon replaced by clear skies and a fine low level mist.

For a time there was virtually no wind on Sandsend beach but soon turned very cold, by 10pm, 4°C.

Bites were few and far between, again, as Sunday, baits were robbed by under-sized fish. Surprisingly, no flatties nor whitings were to be caught off the sand, not even undersized. Eight members were at the scales with March’s best weigh-in of 13 fish for 28 lb 7 oz.

Dave Perrett, with his fourth win of the season, was man of the match, four codlings for 9lb and landing his fourth fish of the night only two minutes before 10pm.

David reported he should have had nine fish, with one bite so violent, it pulled his rod over his rod stand, (nothing was there when he picked his rod up).

David has regained his lead over Rich Cope, who landed the heaviest fish of the night – 5 lb 5 oz – only 1 lb 1 oz separates them for seventh place.

Rich’s run of bigger fish has seen his aggregate jump to 2 lb 2 oz.

Paul Short continues to make headway on Andrew Cass, still absent on RNLI night school, with only 3 lb 4 oz between them.

Only five matches left and neither Bernard Vasey nor Peter Horbury could progress any closer to the final trophy position held by Paul Kilpatrick in 10th, only 13 oz and 12 oz separates them respectively.

Results, last Wednesday

Twelve codlings, 1 rockling for 28 lb 7 oz

1 D Perrett with 4 codlings for 9 lb, 2 R Cope 1 codling for (HF) 5 lb 5 oz, 3 J Gilpin 2 codlings for 4 lb 8 oz, 4 C Stainthorpe 1 codling for 2 lb 9 oz, 5 P Short 1 codling for 2 lb 4 oz, 6 R Allison 1 codling, 1 rockling for 2 lb 3 oz, 7 M Beedle 1 codling for 1 lb 9 oz, 8 D Thompson 1 codling for 1 lb 1 oz.