Allison nicks large tide match

SUNDAY’S Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association match started a little after high water, on the largest tide of the month - an impressive 6.1m.

With a reasonable north easterly swell and freshen winds, anglers were hoping for reasonable catches.

However the ever quickening ebbing tide proved difficult.

One angler reported he nearly lost his catch to a seal, which was following it as he reeled in.

Results: 1 Rob Allison 2 fish for 4 lb 05 oz, 2= equal Colin Stainthorpe 1 fish for 4 lb 01 oz and Ben Laws 2 fish for 4 lb 01 oz, 4 Matthew Garbutt 1 fish for 2 lb 14 oz,

5 Brian Harland 1 fish for 2 lb 06 oz.