Allison leads way in angling match

SATURDAY night’s change in wind direction to the north west was not enough to make ideal fishing conditions.

Sunday night’s four-hour match started a little before low water on a slack tide.

Anglers reported catching plenty of undersize rocklings and coal fish, but fish of any size were proving hard to find, but once again Rob Allison led the way as only four anglers weighed in.

Results: 1 Rob Allison 1 fish for 2 lb 14 oz, 2 William Atkinson 1 fish for 2 lb 07 oz, 3 Dave Hambley 1 fish for 2 lb 01 oz, 4 Dave Perrett 1 fish for 1 lb 15 oz.

So that concludes February and only nine matches left in March before the season closes.

Denis Thompson runs a monthly sweep stake with prizes for heaviest bag of fish and heaviest fish.

In the February results, Brian Harland won the heaviest bag of fish caught in a match with a weight of 9 lb 07 oz and Colin Stainthorpe caught the heaviest fish in a match with a fish of 4 lb 01 oz.