Allison lands midweek win

FOR the first three matches of the new season, the conditions for Whitby Sea Anglers’ Association have not really altered and are far from ideal with south westerly winds and a calm sea.

Wednesday night (5 Oct) saw the wind increasing and moving slightly more from the west with heavy rain showers.

Fishing a slack flooding tide, anglers travelled to deep water marks.

Results: 1 Rob Allison 5 fish for 7lb 14oz, 2 William Atkinson 7 fish for 6lb 4oz, 3 Dave Hambley 2 fish for 2lb 15oz, 4th Ben Laws 3 fish 2lb 14oz,

5th=Dave Perrett and P Garbutt 2 fish for 2lb, 7th Mike Bowman 1 fish for 1lb 1oz, 8th Peter Horbury 1 fish for 1lb, 9th Bernard Vasey 1 fish for 15oz, 10th James Verrill 1 fish for 12oz.

A total of 23 fish were caught for a weight of 27lb 11oz.

Leader board after three matches: 1 Rob Allison is leading with 13 fish for 17lb 9oz, 2 Ben Laws 8 fish for 15lb 2oz, 3 Dave Hambley 8 fish for 12lb 5oz.