Whitby youngsters take football organiser courses

Youngsters on the football organisers course'w111402
Youngsters on the football organisers course'w111402

TWENTY students from the three secondary schools – Caedmon, Eskdale and Whitby Community College - attended a Junior Football Organisers’ Course at Caedmon School.

The course was run by Jamie Pover from the North Riding FA.

Students were introduced to the grass roots of football management and coaching.

They worked in the classroom discussing administration, health and safety and other organisational strategies.

They then moved onto the Astroturf where they discussed different methods for coaching junior football players.

School sports co-ordinator Pete Woolley said: “We have a large number of tournaments, festivals and matches taking place throughout the 19 primary schools.

“The idea of the course was to get a core of young leaders from the three schools who can take more of a role in the organising and officiating of these events in the coming years.”

Some of the leaders have now registered with the North Riding FA and Jamie will be able to monitor their progress as leaders.

The course was funded through the Whitby Leadership Academy using Scarborough Borough Council ‘Voice your Choice’ money.