Whitby Town win £1,200 cash grant

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Whitby Town Football Club has been awarded a cash grant of £1,200 to kick-start an ongoing programme of improvements to facilities for the disabled.

The cash is being made available through the borough council’s northern area committee.

Chairman Graham Manser this week told the Gazette he was “really pleased and grateful” for the grant which enables the club’s long-term plans to add to its reputation as a community club.

“We are busy developing a very practical and achievable disability strategy for the community’s benefit and I know the public and our fans will support the plans we have made so far,” he said.

“Our objective is to enable people from a wider range of disabilities to enjoy greater opportunities for full access and integration in both the stadium and the club house.

“That will include improvements for people with mobility issues as well as those with visual or hearing difficulties and people with learning difficulties or mental health problems.

“We have a much-valued link with Whitby Disablement Action Group (DAG) who are now going to carry out a full assessment of our current facilities and advise us on the development of our programme.”

The initial grant will be used to fund Whitby DAG’s assessment, improve access to different parts of the Turnbull Ground, develop better infomration for all people with disabilities and contribute towards architects’ fees for future capital improvements to disabled facilities.

“We would be very pleased to hear from private sponsors or companies in the area who may wish to discuss community partnership arrangements designed to benefit all parties concerned.”