Whitby Town set to take on Fishburn Park

Whitby Town's Chris Batchelor in action against Colwyn Bay
Whitby Town's Chris Batchelor in action against Colwyn Bay

WHITBY Town Football Club are to take on Fishburn Park in a hotly-awaited pre-season clash.

The friendly will take place at the Turnbull Ground on Saturday 16 July, replacing the previous opening game against old foes Gretna.

The Blues were keen for the reformed Scottish side to honour the fixture, but to no avail, it was reported at the recent AGM.

Whitby will also now play Conference side Darlington on Saturday 30 July, replacing the Dunston game, while Bridlington Town will provide the opposition for a Queensgate friendly on Friday 2 August.

* Whitby announced an overall loss of £2,000 over the past season – but this was considered “an excellent result” considering the financial devastation caused by the weather hitting key fixtures.

Bar income was up £2,000 because of an improved arrangement with the brewery and more use being made of the club’s function room.

Overheads were also down because heating and lighting costs were now steady – the previous season the club had to pay some catch-up bills.

Match receipts were slightly up thanks to local sponsorship and reaching the early rounds of the FA Trophy.

Sundry income was up as mobile phone contracts at the Turnbull Ground had been renegotiated and there were other generous donations although the loss of some of the Saturday games meant fund-raising takings were slightly down.

* Manager Tommy Cassidy’s aim for the 2011-12 season is to bring the crowds back to the Turnbull by getting his players to be “more professional and get better results.”

He told the AGM he didn’t just want his side to play for points but to play passing, entertaining football.

Cassidy revealed he had spoken to four players he hoped to sign, but they had all gone elsewhere for better money and easier travelling.

He recognised the geographical difficulties of getting players to sign for Whitby and has decided to go for young and enthusiastic players while still trying to attract some senior players to the club.