Whitby Town boss threatens to quit

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Whitby Town manager Darren Williams has dramatically threatened to quit the club this week.

Former Sunderland star Williams said he was contemplating his future in the Turnbull hotseat after taking exception to strong criticism of his players on Facebook.

He left a post on the club’s website forum, stating: “I’m not happy about recent slagging off of my players as I feel it undermines everything that we are trying to do and build at the club.

“I’m taking this week to think about my future at the club as this is my team and my players and I won’t let anyone slag them off as it’s wrong and bang out of order.”

Williams was still pondering his future this morning and says he will inform chairman Graham Manser of his decision by the end of this week.

The most galling thing for the manager was that the abuse was from someone he knows and someone the club knows who, he says, is now being told to apologise.

“The problem we’ve got in non-league is that everyoneknows everyone so it is a little bit hurtful when it’s people you know and that’s the most disappointing thing,” said Williams.

“I’m not saying people can’t have their opinion but it’s the manner in which it was done and the language used.

“Ideally, I don’t want to leave, but also I don’t want players being spoken to like that. I will always protect my players and no-one deserves that kind of type of criticism.”

Fans have rallied to the defence of Williams, who has just guided the Blues to their highest finish in eight years, of ninth place in the EvoStik League Premier Division, on the club forum this week.

The climax to Whitby’s season also saw them record their biggest win in 16 years – a 7-0 drubbing of Blyth.

Chairman Graham Manser was dismayed at the public slating of his manager.

“Darren has done an excellent job for us and putting everything we have achieved at risk is crazy,” he told the Gazette this morning.

“We hope that Darren stays but he is quite right that we cannot have supporters picking his squad because he sinks or swims by what he achieves.”

Keep an eye out on our website www.whitbygazette.co.uk for updates on Darren’s decision.