SHANE BLAND: Battling qualities earned us Spenny success

I thought that the battling qualities of the lads on Tuesday night were excellent.

Thursday, 9th March 2017, 10:45 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:55 am
The Gloves Are Off with Blues gloveman Shane Bland

Over the 90 minutes we dug in, gave the game a good go and got the bit of luck we deserved at the end.

We knew that we had to win the game- we couldn’t have got away with a loss or even a draw so we put our foot on the pedal against a team like Spennymoor and push forward which we did.

I was delighted to see Mikey Roberts get on the scoresheet too. It wasn’t the cleanest of strikes but it was that bit of luck and that’s what you sometimes need in football.

I’ve not read much into the Arsene Wenger scenario, but I keep seeing it pop up on Twitter.

Arsenal have always been a quality side under Wenger, but not consistent and that’s what it costing them. They’ve shown at times this season that they have the quality there.

It’ll be interesting to see who replaces Wenger eventually and what happens. You look at Chelsea for instance, Conte has come in and people wondered what they would get and they’ve got exactly what they wanted.

Whoever goes in though has a good chance of doing a decent job with those players, if they sorted the consistency out.

I saw the videos of the incident between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Tyrone Mings and the weekend and they’re both as bad as each other.

If it’s been caught on camera, you’re going to get punished and a three match ban is probably the right decision. Fair play to the FA for that- hopefully that will settle the incident.

What I don’t get is, though, you have the incidents with the likes of Suarez, they’re getting the same; a smack on the wrist.

I disagreed with Gareth Bale’s comments this week on English football needing a winter break. What’s football without a bit of winter weather?

The football season works well and runs smoothly as it is. I don’t know what the weather is like in Spain during winter, but it can’t be any worse than here.

Plus there’s the unpredictability- you can get snow at any time up until April in England. If you have a winter break, you could potentially cause more of a fixture backlog, when you’re losing games to the weather later in the season.

Things are going well at Premier Player and we’re continuing to develop players who are ready to head to academies. We’ve also got a number who we’re pushing on and improving little things like techniques.

We’re a very busy academy, but a friendly one at that- we focus on all of our players and don’t push anyone aside. I’m delighted with how it’s growing- it’s become one of the best academies in the North East.

The past two years we’ve grown in size- we’ve got the likes of Middlesbrough College, Laurence Jackson and Stockton Town all on board as bases.

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