Niall’s up for a new challenge

Niall McGoldrick
Niall McGoldrick

Niall McGoldrick has expressed his delight at joining up with Whitby Town, after seeing what Chris Hardy’s side were all about last season.

McGoldrick, 19, joined the Blues last week, becoming Chris Hardy’s second signing of the new campaign.

The young centre-half is pleased to be joining the club, after seeing how the side set up in games against Middlesbrough’s Under-23s last season.

“I’ve played against Whitby before and seen the standard of the lads and I was impressed,” McGoldrick said.

“They’ve beaten professional clubs as a group, so I know that they’re a good side.

“It’s not a drop down for me, this is a good team and I’m competing at a really good level.”

McGoldrick, who opened the scoring for Middlesbrough in last season’s North Riding Senior Cup semi-final against the Blues, also sees Hardy as a big factor in his quick return to the game.

“I’m really pleased to sign and be getting back into the game after being out of professional football for a bit,” the defender added.

“I’m happy to be working with a good manager like Chris (Hardy) too. He’s been really sound with me.

“The way in which he goes about his business makes him somebody that I’m keen to work with.”