Ibby stays positive for Blues’ next game

A WHITBY Town crowd favourite cannot wait to get back on the pitch after bad weather has stopped the Blues from kicking a ball for three weeks.

Defender Ibby Hassan (24), who travels down to play from Tyneside, has at least managed to keep fit during the long lay-off.

He claims: “It’s just been a bit chaotic - looking out of the window, it’s actually starting [to snow] again, up in Newcastle.

“I’m fortunate, as I live only a couple of miles away from the gym, so I’ve been managing to get on the treadmill and a little bit on the weights and probably spending more time in the Jacuzzi and the sauna, keeping myself warm.

“Given the form and run we’ve just been on, prior to the cold snap hitting and us not being able to play, it had double significance.

“You want to be playing, you set your Saturdays aside for football, you don’t know what to do with yourself, if you’re not playing.

“You don’t mind it every now and again, but not like this, back-to-back.”

Always one of the more positive figures in the Town squad, Hassan prefers to stay upbeat, despite his obvious disappointment at the curtailing of the club’s six-match unbeaten league streak.

“No matter how bad the weather is, on the day, I always assume the game’s going to be on,” he said.

“I always try and prepare as if it’s on, you want to be in the right mindset and in the right place as much as possible.

“You’re just hoping the game’s going to be on.

“Boxing Day, New Year - they’re some of the highlights of the season - even the game in-between, the lads enjoy it.

“You cram a few games in, and with the run we’ve been on, the games cannot come quickly enough.”

The pacey full-back also revealed the closeness of the players and their delight at the birth of team-mate Kev Burgess’ son, this week.

“Kev’s coming to Newcastle - the majority of the lads are coming up after a game.

“The lads all socialise, everybody enjoys each other’s company, there’s no bad eggs at the club.

“Everyone’s thrilled for Kev - it’s four years at Whitby - it’s like being in a big family.”