Hardy’s hunt for a defender continues

Blues boss Chris Hardy
Blues boss Chris Hardy

Whitby Town boss Chris Hardy is working tirelessly to bolster his defensive options ahead of next Saturday’s season opener against Buxton.

Hardy has brought in several players in forward areas, but the loss of the likes of Kev Burgess, Andrew May and Callum Martin has left the Blues short of numbers at the back.

The Blues boss has been busy all pre-season trying to fill the void at the back, without luck so far.

“It’s not for the want of trying, to say we’ve been working hard on that is a huge understatement,” Hardy said.

“It is difficult as we are looking to bring in players with real quality who will add to the group and that isn’t an easy task.

“I’d like to ideally bring in a central midfielder and a couple of defensive options before the Buxton game.

“I have days where I’m confident we’ll get it done, and then days where I’m not so confident, but hopefully we’ll be able to strengthen.”

Hardy’s side have been left without a fixture this weekend after a scheduled friendly clash with Morpeth had to be cancelled with the north east side having FA Cup obligations.

The Blues boss admits he’d rather have one last fixture ahead of next Saturday’s season opener at the Turnbull Ground, but will crack on regardless.

“I’d have liked to have had one more game in the bank, but there’s not much that we can do about it,” he added.

“Morpeth had to play in the FA Cup and there weren’t many other sides available.

“At this stage, there would have to be a certain intensity attached to a game so we couldn’t just play against anyone.

“We’ll have intense training sessions Saturday and Tuesday, and look at set-plays and tactics next Thursday.”

Hardy admits he’s excited by his attacking axis of Greg Rutherford, Junior Mondal and Matty Tymon ahead of the new season.

He added: “I’m excited by them, hopefully they can stay fit and maintain form as there’s a lot of goals in the three of them.”