CHRIS HARDY: Weledji is impressing me up top

Blue Review with Whitby Town boss Chris Hardy
Blue Review with Whitby Town boss Chris Hardy

One of the pleasing things for me as a coach at the moment is seeing the progress and improvement of Kieran Weledji in an advanced position.

Kieran’s football eduction has been at centre-back, but in my opinion his skill-set is well tailored to be playing further up the park, and he’s showing that at the moment.

He’s a strong boy, he’s quick, he can run beyond a defence and I think he could really forge a new role for himself further up the pitch.

I think he’s enjoying it too. He’s the sort of lad who would play anywhere I asked him to for the team, but I think he’s starting to prefer playing up the park now.

It’s good to have these versatile players and it means we have more options across the pitch.

When we look at the past week, it has been a mixed one for us.

Saturday’s win against Barwell at the Turnbull Ground was really pleasing for a number of reasons.

To get a clean sheet was first and foremost a great effort from the players.

We could have scored a few more on the day, and could maybe have been ahead by two or three by the half-time interval.

The performance of David Carson up front was also a huge plus.

David was the stand-out player for us, he looked dangerous and his performance was his real positive.

We could and should have had another penalty on the day as well, in fact the one the referee didn’t give was probably more of a stone-wall pen.

To go from Saturday’s positive win to then play the way we did on Tuesday was very disappointing.

It was a flat performance, we didn’t do the basics right.

This is a tough division, and it is very difficult to go away from home and pick up points, even against the sides battling it out at the bottom of the table.

We now go into another tough trip to second-placed Warrington Town this weekend.

The players will be ready for the game after training, and I’m sure they’ll want to put Tuesday night’s disappointment to bed with a positive performance and hopefully a positive result as well.

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