CHRIS HARDY - We wasted our opportunities in derby

Saturday’s defeat at Scarborough Athletic was incredibly frustrating for us all.

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 9:56 am
Chris Hardy's column

I don’t agree with the comments from Scarborough after the game that they dominated it and fully deserved the win.

It was a game of few chances with little or nothing in it.

Scarborough were the better side in the first half, but even then we missed some great chances to get on the scoresheet and that cost us dearly.

We improved in the second half and asked them a lot of questions, pushed and probed for a way back into the game.

The two keepers on show had good games and made some important saves - Shane Bland’s in the first half in particular was absolutely outrageous, while Tommy Taylor made a smart double stop too - but we should be putting chances like that away.

I saw some comments from Boro that Taylor is the best keeper in the division - I have to disagree again.

Shane is another level in my opinion, although Taylor has quality and is undoubtedly an asset to Scarborough.

Teams often get a boost when they appoint a new manager and that appeared to be the case on Saturday.

Darren Kelly had his players up for it and they battled hard for him.

We need to improve in the final third, that is for sure, and our training sessions this week will be geared around shooting drills.

That may be a bit basic, but we have to finish our chances better if we’re going to pick up points.

I have to make a point of going on record about the alleged racist comments that were made towards a Scarborough player.

There is no place for that kind of appalling behaviour whatsoever, be it in society in general or at a football ground.

It’s so disappointing to be discussing an issue like this after a derby game and we have to send out a clear message that this is completely and utterly unacceptable.

I had to speak to Kieza (Kieran Weledji) after the game as he was incredibly upset by the alleged incident, as (T’Nique) Fishley will have understandably been too.

Kieza is obviously a black player playing for Whitby Town and what kind of message does that kind of comment, if it was made, send out to any black player putting a Whitby Town shirt on?

This isn’t something I believe exists at the club and I can’t condemn it enough.

If the fan in question is found to be guilty of this offence, the club will act in the strongest manner possible.